Little Rock family offering reward for unsolved hit and run

Little Rock family offering reward for unsolved hit and run

Little Rock family offering reward for unsolved hit and run

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A deadly hit and run on Veterans Day remains unsolved after almost two weeks. Now, the victim’s family is offering a reward for answers.

Arkansas State Police said that on Saturday, November 11, conditions were clear and dry when a vehicle heading south on Highway 365 in Little Rock tried to swerve into the northbound lane but hit Quinton Lee Handy Senior.

North Little Rock family searching for answers after 15-year-old struck in hit-and-run

Authorities said after striking him the vehicle went off the east side of the road, and then continued on its way leaving Handy for dead. This all happened just before 8:30 P.M. and no description for the vehicle has been found.

Quinton Handy’s family is speaking out the day before his funeral. The family wants him to rest in peace, and they know at least they won’t have peace knowing they didn’t do everything in their power to find answers.

Cars continue to move on Highway 365 where Quinton Handy Senior’s life suddenly stopped. Now all that’s left are his shoe, a memorial, and a family who celebrated Thanksgiving missing his laughter all the while. What’s filling that void now is a plea.

“We understand that you are scared. We understand your anxiety. We know that this decision will be the most impactful decision you will ever make. We need you to make the right choice. We are pleading with you to please come forward,” Dr. Myrtis Randolph, niece of Quinton Handy stated.

Randolph is just three years younger than 57-year-old Handy. He died just over 100 yards from his sister’s home on his way to visit another sister.

Little Rock family prays for community’s help following man’s hit-and-run death

Quinton Handy was the youngest of 14 siblings, and the first to pass away. Most of them are still living in Little Rock, but other brothers and sisters are mourning him as far away as Seattle, Boston, and Delaware.

“We know that everyone has a time and a day, but to not have closure on who or what, that’s painful,” Randolph said.

The family said they are thankful to the man who found Quinton and called 911 and tried to save him. They also think more streetlights in the area could make the area safer.

Quinton’s brother, Patrick Handy is a firefighter and was the first on the scene following a 911 call.

“Can you imagine being a first responder and you get there and realize that is your brother, that is your roommate?”, Randolph asked.

Together the family is offering $1,000 to anyone with information to bring someone to justice in the State Police investigation. Quinton Handy’s funeral is 11 A.M. Saturday at Premier Funeral Home in Little Rock.

“We love Quinton, so whatever it takes we want that we need that, and that’s why a reward is offered,” Randolph said.

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